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Our Statement Ali Akbar Khan Foundation

The ultimate goal of (AAKF) is to serve and facilitate the marginalized segments of the society towards their integral development through community organization process and raising critical consciousness to bring about a change which would ultimately lead the people to make positive changes in their attitude and lifestyle concerning their future and adapting human values.
(AAKF) envisages, such atmosphere would be created where poor and vulnerable segment of the society would be critically conscious about all causes of poverty, sectarianism cultural violence and mobilize the general public to participate meaningfully in transforming the society on humanitarian ground sensitive to human development by involving a culture of peace and democracy.
To serve as an institute for human development by promoting a culture of peace, tolerance and elimination of poverty through participatory actions of the people. Besides their services the main object of the organization is to provide a place for the empowerment of women where the women would not be neglected and the latter’s abilities and capacities should be developed.

What We Do?

We believe that we can save more lives with you

Education Sponsorship and Stipends

We have started sponsoring the education of talented and selected students at various institutions of learning (school, college and higher education) since 01 July, 2021. Three (03) students, one studying at the Faisalabad National Textile University, the other undergoing Chartered Accountancy Certification, and the third is a college student, are being supported, at the present.

Dry Rations, Fresh Meat and Cooked Food-Meals

The total amount utilized since the Years 2010-2011 till date amounts to Rs.7,646,009.00 (Rupees seven million six hundred forty-six thousand and nine). Though allocation of the above-mentioned amount, we certainly do not consider adequate in view of the economic hardship being faced by the poor due to the prevalent economic environment vis-à-vis rising costs and inflation.

Subsistence-Sustenance Allowance and Monetary Assistance

Whenever possible, we support people in need of monetary assistance, which is not ‘Qarza-e-Hasna’. Since the Year 2010-2011, we have provided Rs.7,915,888.00 (Rupees seven million nine hundred fifteen thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight) to various people to set-up some small business ventures to earn their livelihood and sustain their families.

Warm Clothing and Blankets for Winters and Light Clothing for Summers

We have only been able to provide limited support to people. Our total assistance to cover the previous years and the period, 01 July, 2021 to 30 June, 2022, is likely to be only Rs.1.0 Million (Rupees one million). We hope and pray to Allah Almighty that we perform better in the future.


Since the Year 2018, we have provided ‘Qarza-e-Hasna’ amounting to approximately Rs.2.0 Million (Rupees two million) to eight (08) people for their essential needs. Return of the ‘Qarza’ by each is spread over a fairly long period of time through affordable and easy installments each month. This is considered a useful scheme to alleviate financial problems of various kinds, faced by people.

Renovation of Houses

During this financial year, we have so far been able to provide Rs.45,000.00 (Rupees forty-five thousand) to one needy person. Since 2010-2011 till date, Rs.1,360,000 (Rupees one million three hundred and sixty thousand) have been expended towards this welfare measure.